Learn about how well Deflux works

Deflux injection is effective

Deflux has been used safely and effectively for over 20 years to treat VUR in children1

Deflux injection is known as a highly successful, minimally invasive treatment for vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). Multiple studies have shown the safety and efficacy of Deflux treatment and success rates that are comparable to open surgery with added benefits of being a day surgery procedure and a quicker recovery.2

Deflux is the only injectable agent with Australian, European, New Zealand and United States approval for the treatment of VUR.

Treatment with Deflux has proven successful in children with VUR2

When your child has vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), you’re looking for a treatment that fits you and your family. Most children have success after one injection, while some may need more injection procedures. It may be comforting to know that in studies, one-time treatment with Deflux has been proven effective in up to 93% of children with VUR grades 2-4.1

Long-term study results3

A recent long-term study for grade 4 VUR patients showed Deflux treatment to be durable and effective at 15-25 years of follow-up. The same study showed that there was a low risk for UTIs, persistent VUR or need for open surgery.

If Deflux doesn’t work for your child, open surgery is still an option. Talk with your paediatric urologist to determine which treatment is best for your child.

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