Learn about how well Deflux works

Deflux Is Effective.

In studies, treatment with Deflux has proven successful in children with VUR1

When your child has vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), you’re looking for a treatment that fits you and your family. It may be comforting to know that in studies, one-time treatment with Deflux has been proven effective in 93% of children with VUR grades II-IV.1

Most children have success after one injection, while some may need more injection procedures. A recent study shows Deflux was proven effective in 93% of children, with no fUTIs after one injection.1

If Deflux doesn’t work for your child, open surgery is still an option.

  1. Kalisvaart JF. Intermediate to long-term follow-up indicates low risk of recurrence after double hit endoscopic treatment for primary vesicoureteral reflux. J Ped Urol. 2012;8(4):359-365.